'Red Dead Online' Progress Won't Reset After the Beta

Red Dead Online players won’t have to worry about their progress being reset after the multiplayer beta ends, Rockstar Games confirmed on Tuesday.

Players have been offering their feedback about Red Dead Online since the online beta released last week. One of the concerns raised by players was that there could be the chance of progress and stats being reset since Red Dead Online is currently only in a beta version and hasn’t yet fully released, but Rockstar Games told people not to be concerned with that while adding that more updates are on the way.

“We appreciate all the continued feedback we are receiving on the Red Dead Online Beta,” Rockstar Games’ tweet said. “For players concerned about the potential for progress and stat resets, we currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the Beta’s rollout. We are currently still working on game stability and economy balancing for an update that we hope to release later this week. Please stay tuned for more news to come.”

The message about having an update that’ll be released this week echoes a previous status update from Rockstar Games on Monday. In that initial message about Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games said it hoped to have updates out by the end of the week with more to come next week.


Red Dead Online’s economy being mentioned once again in the latest update shows that it’s still one of Rockstar Games’ primary concerns when evaluating what needs to be done in the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games’ first message acknowledged players’ complaints about the game’s economy where gold rings are worth less than baked beans and it feels like quite the grind to save up enough money for items and weapons that are much more expensive in Red Dead Online than they are in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode.

With the beta only being out for around a week now, Rockstar Games hasn’t released any actual game updates yet, but solutions for the economy and stability issues will likely be detailed in future announcements before updates are released this week and next.