Red Dead Online Fans "Finished" With Rockstar Games Following New Update

A new Red Dead Online update was released today, and Red Dead Redemption 2 fans aren't impressed. Like every update for months, today's new update is far from consequential. There's no new content or even improvements players have been asking for. Rather, the update is largely limited to bonuses and rewards. Not only is the update far from what Red Dead Online fans are looking for, but there's still be no formal response from Rockstar Games to the "Save Red Dead Online" Twitter campaign, which began several weeks ago and has resulted in "Save Red Dead Online" trending on Twitter numerous times, including this morning.

While "Save Red Dead Online" has yet to disperse, it looks like it may be on its way out, with fans losing hope in salvaging Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode. Not only is this another underwhelming update, and not only does Rockstar Games continue to ignore the aforementioned Twitter campaign, but there's no word of what the future for the game looks like.

"Rockstar Games have announced the monthly events for Red Dead Online will continue in its newswire post for this monthly event. It is said the upcoming events will feature bonuses across the roles and showdown modes. I can't say I'm surprised anymore," said Videotech, a prominent member of the Rockstar Games community, over on Twitter. "This company is truly terrible. That's the best way to put it. I'm not wasting my energy anymore... While Rockstar laughs at their fans, it's back on trending. As I've said I'm finished. I am not wasting my energy on them anymore. They're waste of time, they don't deserve a passionate community."

"It's truly wild how Rockstar just completely ignored all of the uproar related to Save Red Dead Online," added LegacyKillaHD, another prominent member of the Rockstar Games community. "Didn't even acknowledge it. Which honestly... yeah not super surprising but seriously does seem they only 'respond' when Take Two's stock takes a dip.

Of course, it's possible Rockstar Games has something brewing for the game, but if it does, it's not communicating as much. It's decided to stay the current course, and there's no reason to expect this to change at this point.


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