Renegade Reveals Power Rangers Shattered Grid Expansion

One of the biggest Power Rangers events in the franchise's history is finally coming to Renegade Game Studios' Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. That would be Shattered Grid, the massive multiverse crossover that featured Ranger teams from all worlds and eras in the BOOM! Studios comics, and now it's going to be a part of the Power Rangers Deck-Building courtesy of a new expansion. The expansion is unique in that not only does it come with its own heroes and villains to use, but it will also allow you to bring in cards from other games for a larger crossover experience. The game is slated for an August release, and you can pre-order here.

The game's description doesn't reveal the characters that come with the set, but from the game's cover, it would seem that Coinless Trini, Ranger Slayer, Finster 5, Drakkon, Jen Scotts, and Lauren Shiba are all possible inclusions. It is set to include 8 characters to play, as those who pre-order directly from Renegade's official website will get a Bonus Pack that features 8 oversized foil character cards.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

There will also be 8 Signature Item Cards, 4 Master Cards, 4 Zord Cards, 1 Megazord Card, and 6 Secondary Grid Cards. That Secondary Grid will be the way you can utilize cards from your other Power Rangers Deck-Building Game expansions, and we can't wait to give this latest expansion a try. You can find the official description below.

Go Beyond the Grid! A Power Rangers Crossover Event! Lord Drakkon is on the loose and seeks to destroy the Power Rangers, no matter where they exist in the multiverse! Rangers from across the eras must team up to stop him. This expansion explores the Shattered Grid storyline involving alternate universes, strange visitors, and time travel. Now is your chance to use all of your Power Rangers sets and expansions in one all-inclusive battle for the ages! This expansion requires the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Core Set or Zeo – Stronger Than Before to play.

Allows you to use all your Power Rangers Deck-Building Game cards in an epic crossover experience!
Team up with Rangers from across the eras to defeat Lord Drakkon!
Take advantage of a temporary Secondary Grid using your previous sets!

There's also a Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Card Storage Box up for pre-order, which will be able to house your entire Power Rangers Deck-Building Game collection in one place. Plus, there are 10 cards included for solo play when you purchase it. It comes with 100 standard card dividers and 21 oversized card dividers, plus 2 tuck boxes to hold oversized cards. This is available exclusively through Renegade, and it costs $30.00. It is also expected to release in August.

The Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Shattered Grid Expansion is up for pre-order now and will cost $30.00. It will release this August.

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