Report: Do Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Character Models Look Bad On Purpose?

A lot of people have been enjoying the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Story Demo that made a surprise [...]


A lot of people have been enjoying the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Story Demo that made a surprise release this week, as part of Capcom's elaborate planning with the Electronic Entertainment Expo. But some have been noting the questionable modeling look with some characters in the game, like Chun-Li, who looks a bit lesser than her Street Fighter V self, and Dante from Devil May Cry.

An interesting report has arisen that may indicate a reason for that, though it's far from official. A former Capcom intern recently took to Reddit to explain what could be the situation behind the models, and believe it or not, it could very well involve Disney.

According to the rep, going under the name MVCI_Roger, "It's a combination of multiple things but there are two main points: We were told to make the Capcom side look unappealing and the release schedule had us really strapped for time."

He continued, "Yeah, that's right, someone at Disney specifically told the art department and the advertising department to make the Capcom side look 'ugly' so the Marvel side would look better. Even in terms of story, they wanted the Capcom characters to be very irrelevant so the Marvel team gets most of the spotlight.

"I can tell you this right now that you will see a lot of Capcom characters losing in battle or just taking a back seat so a Marvel character can do their job for them."

He also noted that "Ryu does not do anything in the story mode. A few designs from the Capcom side of the characters were outsourced but even then every mock up was sent back and told to either make them look either 'less pretty and more realistic' or 'more like a cartoon character.'"

Take it with a grain of salt, though. This is coming from someone who says they were a former intern, and apparently wasn't following the standard NDA that Capcom usually gives out for projects like these. And we doubt Marvel would pull these kind of tactics just to make themselves look better in a fighting game.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite releases on September 19th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.