Report: Microsoft To Reveal Survival/Horror Based Halo: Gravemind Next Week

UPDATE: Move along, everyone. It's fakeFakey McFakeskins tell me oh, how does your bogus 'game [...]


UPDATE: Move along, everyone. It's fake

Okay, so we already know that Microsoft has noted that it will not be showing off Halo 6 at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo. That said, however, we did receive note that 343 Industries would be showing off something…and now we have a pretty good idea what.

A YouTuber by the name of Colteastwood has come across some promotional artwork for a new title in the series called Halo: Gravemind. It's an advertisement that appears to be made for the UK retailer GAME, and it clearly shows not only the title, but an image of could be Master Chief (or another soldier) amidst a dark background.

Fans of the series may recall the name Gravemind, as it's a character that appeared in both Halo 2 and Halo 3, serving as the second to last stage of the Flood in terms of evolution. Halo 2 served up a smaller one for us to take on, while Halo 3 provided one as the main villain.

The image below provides a good look at what the game title is all about. This looks to be a spin-off from the usual Halo adventures, perhaps relying more on fighting for survival instead of simply hopping into battle against the usual enemies.


One interesting factor involves the developers listed for the game. 343 Industries is listed, of course, but there's also the Creative Assembly, the team that made Alien: Isolation a couple of years back – one of the best survival/horror games for this generation. So it's possible it could be lending its touch into a more do-or-die scenario based game.

But there's something else, too. In the lower left hand corner of the image, you'll see a "6". This is tied in with the Halo 6 name, which indicates that the sequel could be on its way as well, and could have a beta tie-in with Gravemind once it releases, which is currently set for October 10, 2017, according to the card.

Don't get your hopes up too high. Frank O'Connor from 343 Industries has already noted this is "fake," but he also said the same thing about past Halo projects. If this does happen, it'll be a genuine surprise for fans of the series.

Stay tuned, we'll have more details if this is announced during Microsoft's press conference this Sunday!