'Resident Evil 2' Reveals New Tyrant Gameplay

New Resident Evil 2 gameplay revealed by Capcom showed Claire Redfield going up against a Tyrant who’s commonly referred to as “Mr. X.”

A member of the mutated Tyrants who hunt the main characters in the Resident Evil series like Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, Mr. X is shown in this new gameplay preview chasing after the former as Claire makes her way through different parts of the game’s various locations. The video also later features Sherry Birkin in an orphanage and showed that players will be able to control her at times.

Mr. X is shown relentless pursuing Claire throughout the video while showing off his super strength as he lifts a helicopter at one point and shoves aside anyone in his way, including other zombies that he comes across. Claire fires numerous rounds into him throughout the video and even hits him dead-on with a grenade launcher and sets him on fire, but he keeps coming regardless of what she throws at him. He’ll grapple with Claire occasionally when he gets to close, but she has the ability to disengage by using her knife.

Tuesday’s reveal of the Mr. X gameplay won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who saw several screenshots which leaked at the start of December, some of which showed the Tyrant in different clips from the video. Several other monsters from the Resident Even series were spotted in the screenshots as well such as the Licker, but there are still more monsters that’ve yet to be featured in gameplay videos.

The Tyrant isn’t the first of Resident Evil 2’s monsters to be revealed so far with the aforementioned Licker being one of the first iconic monsters to be seen. Capcom previewed the updated version of the Licker back in October before an extended gameplay trailer released in November showed a better look at the Lickers that crowd the halls of Resident Evil 2’s claustrophobic hallways.


The file size for Resident Evil 2 was also revealed not long ago and showed that the totally redone version of the original game won’t take up too much space on players’ devices, some welcome news following a season packed of games with large file sizes.

Resident Evil 2 is scheduled to release on January 25th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.