'Resident Evil 2' Player Catches Mr. X Being A Complete Jerk To A Zombie

mr x
(Photo: Capcom)

Being a zombie in Resident Evil 2 is a tough life. You're constantly hungry, bullets are exploding your face, and there's a massive psychopath constantly afoot. It's not easy livin'.

That said, a Resident Evil 2 player recently discovered a zombie's life in the game is actually much worse than previously thought, because, apparently, Mr. X isn't just a terrifying monster, but a classic school yard bully too.

FabZombie was playing some of Capcom's new survival-horror remake, when, all of a sudden, they could hear the massive footsteps of Mr. X coming their way to annihilate them. After a few seconds, Mr. X rounds the corner the player is waiting on, and as he does, he exposes his true self -- on video, to the world -- by what he does next to a poor zombie just trying to get a nap in before continuing its miserable life.

Caught Mr. X being mean to a zombie from r/residentevil

Totally uncalled for, right? I mean, you could defend Mr. X by pointing out it's always a good idea to practice so that when there's something on the line, you're prepared. However, I don't think that's what's going on here. It seems like Tyrant is just a violent bully who likes inflicting pain on zombies.

Resident Evil 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And if you haven't played it yet, you should. As you can see in the above video, it's awesome, which our official review also attests to.

"Resident Evil is a survival horror experience in its truest sense. From a constantly teased false sense of security, to horrifying instances that go far beyond a simple jump scare, this remake is one that every fan of the original needs to play. For those that aren't familiar with the Resident Evil franchise in its humble beginnings, it's still a treat, albeit imperfect, and one that requires no previous knowledge of the other games.

"From its challenging story from start to finish, to the incredible character development and increasing level of intrigue and desire to know more, Capcom mostly nailed bringing this beloved title into 2019, and it's an experience every horror fan needs to have for themselves."


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