Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get the Punisher

The Resident Evil 4 remake includes the Punisher handgun once more, a weapon that has penetrating power and can shoot through multiple zombies at once. It's a helpful early-game weapon, but this time, it's not acquired by destroying all of the Blue Medallions at the farm location in the remake. Instead, you'll have to trade some coveted Spinels with the Merchant if you want to add the gun to your collection. That doesn't at all mean that you should skip those Blue Medallions, however, since destroying those will be one of the primary ways you collect these Spinels.

In the original Resident Evil 4, players got the Punisher for free by shooting all of the Blue Medallions at the Farm. It's such a convenient and easy way to upgrade your arsenal early on that getting it basically became instinctual for players, so those playing the remake were probably pretty surprised to see that the Punisher wasn't acquired the same way this time. Fret not, however, because you'll still have it soon enough.

How to Get the Punisher in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

If you want to get the Punisher, you're still going to need to destroy all those Blue Medallions even if that side quest doesn't give you the gun outright. That's because these side quests from the Merchant (and there are more of them this time) typically give you Spinels for your troubles. Those were in the first game, too, but instead of being sold for Pesetas, they're to be traded with the Merchant now for things that can't be bought otherwise. 

Once you get to Chapter 2, you'll have the option to purchase the Punisher from the Merchant. To find it in his inventory, cycle over to the "Trade" option. You'll see it listed there for five Spinels. Once you trade those over (you should've gotten some from completing the first Blue Medallion quest), you'll have quick access to an early handgun.

Should You Even Buy the Punisher?

The Punisher may not be as iconic as the Red9, but it's still always been an easy addition to players' inventories seeing how it was free and accessible early on. Now that you have to "pay" for it, however, it begs the question: is the gun even worth getting in the Resident Evil 4 remake?

Unless you're a diehard Punisher fan or a completionist who wants to own every weapon, our advice is to skip the Punisher. As the game goes on and the Merchant starts to trade more items, you'll find that some valuable resources get very, very pricy in terms of how many Spinels they cost. Since there's no way to grind out more Spinels, you'll be stuck settling for something lesser in the Merchant's shop.

All that goes to say that it's probably best to save your Spinels for later on in the game. Upgrades for weapons, new attache cases, and things of that nature are the better options. The Punisher will quickly be outclassed as you find other weapons in the remake, so only purchase it if you think you'll be using it for a long time.