Resident Evil 4 Remake Players Loving Major Change From Original

Resident Evil 4 -- the 2023 remake of the 2005 game of the same name -- is out and it seems consumers are enjoying the remake as much as critics who have almost all universally praised the game as another superb remake out of Capcom. If you haven't played it yet, we won't spoil anything but know it makes some changes from the original. One change, in particular, is a minor change, but it's attracting lots of praise over on the Resident Evil Reddt page. If you played the original game, you'll quickly notice Capcom has changed the Merchant, making the character far more chatty and changing his voice as well.

Making changes to a beloved character is always risky business. Sometimes characters need to be modernized, but if you disrupt the nostalgia too much, it's not going to sit well with fans. The Merchant is quite different in the remake, yet familiar, and over on the aforementioned Reddit page, fans have been gushing about the new take on the classic character. 

[RE 4 Remake] Anyone else loving the new Merchant?! He’s hilarious and well voice casted.
by u/Tan_servo in residentevil

"I love how he has more personality and more lines now. Dude was complaining about his back to me," reads one of the top replies. "Yeah, I dare say I like him better. The OG merchant's voice lines are iconic but I really love how they gave him more personality/dialogue this time around," adds another fan. 

All the replies to the Reddit post share this sentiment, another testament to the work Capcom has done. In a recent article, we argue that the remake is one of the best ever made, and when you consider how it's simultaneously faitfhul yet makes meaningful changes in the name of improvement and modernity, it's hard to contest. It's hard to remake and make changes to a game most agree is one of the best games ever made, yet the Merchant is just one of many examples of Capcom making this task look easy. 

"Resident Evil 4 is a game I've bought more times than I care to admit, and based on how many systems it's been ported to and the general community sentiment around it, I'd imagine I'm not alone there," reads the opening of our review of the game. "A remake of a game with that kind of staying power has the potential to make people a bit anxious, however – what parts will stay, what parts will go, and where things are improved, will it be handled in a way that nostalgia and modernizations are successfully married? Those are all questions Resident Evil fans will soon be able to put to rest because, just like it did with the original game, Capcom has again nailed it with the Resident Evil 4 remake."