Respawn Job Listings Hint at the Apex Legends Developer's Future Plans

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for a new project, and the company's job listings have [...]

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for a new project, and the company's job listings have provided an interesting window into the future. Best known as the developer of Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn has an impressive track record. The developer is now working on a new IP, but nothing has been officially announced. However, a pair of new job openings on the company's website offer some details about what fans might be able to expect from the studio's next game. The new positions in question are for a Lead Combat Designer and a Senior Systems Designer.

In the listing for Lead Combat Designer, Respawn says that it's looking for someone "well-versed in the areas of control mechanics, enemy design, AI behaviors, combat/weapons, class design, skills/progression, story, and boss encounters." The person hired for the position will also be tasked with using Unreal Engine 4 for scripting behavior trees, implementing character animations, and more. The listing can be found right here.

In the listing for Senior Systems Designer, Respawn says that it wants someone "to develop the vision of the game systems (economy, progression, etc.) from the early stages." This position will also deal with things like overseeing the game's difficulty curve, managing designers, and more. That listing can be found right here.

It's always interesting to see what gets revealed about the future of the video game industry from job listings such as these! Fans were recently tipped off about the development of a new mobile Call of Duty game thanks to a new job listing, and now we also have a better idea of what Respawn is up to, as well. The internet has been a great help for developers and publishers looking to hire, but it also gives fans a much greater window into the plans of those companies.

Fans of Respawn likely won't be able to decipher much about the game from these listings, but it's still pretty interesting, regardless! Unfortunately, these listings make it sound like the game is quite far away, so fans will likely be waiting a bit to see what comes next for the studio. Hopefully some concrete info will be revealed in the near future.

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