Activision Creating New Studio for Call of Duty Mobile Game

Activision seems to have created a new studio for the specific purpose of creating a new Call of [...]

Activision seems to have created a new studio for the specific purpose of creating a new Call of Duty game on mobile platforms. The publisher has not made any type of official announcement about the new studio, but its existence has leaked thanks to a job listing on Activision's website. The position is for a systems designer and the department is listed merely as "Mobile Studio." Given that this comes directly from Activision, readers can safely assume that a new Call of Duty game is on the way for mobile platforms, but further details are nonexistent as of this writing.

"Welcome to Activision Mobile. We're a new in-house studio, dedicated to developing the best AAA mobile games in the world. Our first project is a new AAA mobile title in the Call of Duty franchise and we're looking for great talent from mobile, console and PC backgrounds passionate about their work, who share our belief in what AAA experiences on mobile can and should be," the job listing reads.

The studio is based in Santa Monica, California, though the position will start out remote due to the coronavirus pandemic. The listing goes on to say that "work on a new AAA mobile game in the Call of Duty franchise has begun." Unfortunately, it's unclear exactly how far development might be, given now new the studio is. The full job listing can be found right here.

Last month, Tencent confirmed that the game Call of Duty Online will be ending in China. The game had an impressive run in the region, so its conclusion makes a lot more sense now that we know Activision is working on a new game. Call of Duty: Mobile has been a big success for the publisher, but it seems that the company will be expanding its focus to offer more Call of Duty games on the platform. It remains to be seen exactly how the new game might differ from Call of Duty: Mobile, but hopefully Activision will have something to announce in the near future.

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