Retro-Bit Releasing A Handheld System Loaded With Classic Games, Coming This Summer

Retro-Bit has been working overtime when it comes to catering its classic gaming audience, [...]

Go Retro

Retro-Bit has been working overtime when it comes to catering its classic gaming audience, primarily with its latest deal with Sega to produce accessories based on its retro systems like the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. But there's more where that came from, as the company revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show this past week that it's intending to release a handheld game system, loaded with old-school favorites!

The company has introduced the Go Retro! Portable, a new system that has a Game Boy style appearance, but with a black and red paint job, and multiple buttons for easy accessibility to several games. Oh, and speaking of games, Go Retro! Portable has a ton. It's got a list of 300 compatible titles that will be included on the system, including various classic favorites from Capcom, Jaleco, Data East, Irem and a handful of others. A specific list wasn't given at the time of the report, but as you can see from the box art above, there will be a few notable favorites included, like Burgertime, Mega Man, Strider and Mighty Final Fight, amongst countless others.

Retro-Bit tweeted out a picture of the system, to give players an idea of what kind of quality to expect from it. You can see it below, but it includes an LCD color screen with scratch-resistant coating, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can game on in silence.

In addition, the Go Retro! Portable will also have a rechargeable battery that can run anywhere between seven to ten hours in usage time, so you can get a whole lot of gaming done in one charge. That sounds pretty ideal, especially to those of you that love to get your marathon gaming on while you're sitting on a plane.

A specific release date wasn't given yet, but the system is expected sometime in December, and it'll be available for the unbeatable price of $34.99. That's not too shabby at all, especially for those of you looking for a new handheld to enjoy.

This looks like another top-caliber release by Retro-Bit, and we'll be keeping close tabs on it – especially after the full game list is available.