RoboCop is Reportedly Coming to Fortnite

'80s action icon RoboCop is reportedly coming to Fortnite very, very soon. Fortnite has created an identity for itself based on guest appearances from iconic characters. At least once a month (usually more), there's a new character from a film, tv series, or other major video game franchise that comes in as a playable skin. It has been a major money-making opportunity for developer Epic Games and an equally lucrative opportunity for major Hollywood studios looking to advertise their characters. Most recently, Marvel let Fortnite include characters like Scarlet Witch and Moon Knight, two heroes that recently appeared in major Marvel films and shows.

Now, it seems Fortnite will be adding an '80s icon with RoboCop. Although RoboCop hasn't had a new movie since 2014, another RoboCop reboot is supposedly still in the works, though there hasn't been any news on the project since 2019. According to reputable Fortnite insider HYPEX, a RoboCop collaboration is coming to the game as soon as tonight. Of course, nothing has been announced or even teased by Epic Games, but that is a bold statement. At the moment, you should take it with a grain of salt, but if it's true, we should only be hours away from the proper reveal. As of right now, it's unclear if this means he will be coming to the game as just a skin or if there will be proper gameplay integration. 

The latter seems more unlikely as Fortnite currently has an ongoing Star Wars event which is expected to lead in to the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ at the end of this month. A Robocop tie-in with Fortnite is certainly a unique choice, given the character has been inactive in pop culture for quite some time and has always been catered toward adults. Whether or not it makes sense doesn't really matter, as Fortnite has essentially become a virtual toybox for gamers to enjoy.

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