Scarlet Witch Is Now Live in Fortnite

Fortnite players can now check out a new skin based on the Scarlet Witch in the Fortnite Item Shop! As we saw in a leak earlier this week, the Wanda Maximoff skin is based on the character's appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The timing could not be any better, as the movie is now officially in theaters. Wanda joins the previously released skin based on Doctor Strange himself, and her appearance should be the perfect way for Fortnite players to celebrate the release of the latest Marvel Studios film. 

A Tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account announcing the release can be found embedded below.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only skin based on the character is the one based on the new film. Wanda has already had a number of different looks in the MCU, and some great designs in the comics, but fans will have to settle for just the one skin, for now. Over the last few years, Fortnite has offered Marvel designs based on both the MCU and the comics, and we've seen characters like Spider-Man and Venom receive both. Hopefully, fans of the Scarlet Witch will get more options for the character in the future!

Now that Wanda is available in the game, it will be interesting to see if The Vision will arrive. The two Marvel characters have been (mostly) inseparable since the Kree/Skrull War, and Fortnite has already made a reference to the synthezoid. Given the sheer number of skins based on Marvel characters, it seems like a very safe bet that Vision will make the cut at some point. Of course, Vision has plenty of great looks of his own, including the classic red, yellow, and green ensemble, and the all-white design from his West Coast Avengers days (not to mention the end of WandaVision). Either way, it's long past time for Vision to appear!

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