See Why Fans Think A New Rocksteady Game Will Be Announced At This Year's Game Awards

Because we are all masochists and we love to hurt ourselves with our delicate hopes and dreams of [...]

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Because we are all masochists and we love to hurt ourselves with our delicate hopes and dreams of another Batman game from Rocksteady, yet another tid-bit of internet hype has bled out onto the Twitter-verse seemingly giving credit to the many rumors circulating of a big announcement at this year's Game Awards in Los Angeles. There have been many findings, reports, and a ton of speculation concerning a new Batman game and the Tweet below kicked up that sandstorm once more in full force.

When Rocksteady Studios tweeted out a concept portrait for Scarecrow from Batman: Arkham Knight, one particular account liked the tweet and brought back that old excitement for a potential new game. Such a simple action, but developers have done sneakier things in the past to clue fans in so it's not unreasonable for many to get excited. Originally posted on Reddit, one user showed off his screen grab of the like of the century:

(Photo: Sefexir via Reddit)

The reactions were mixed following the original post, though one fan did give his own theory about the timeline to support the theory that this is proof:


  • It fits WB's release pattern like some user on this subreddit analyzed
  • Rocksteady have been posting one piece of concept art every Thursday and The Game Awards are also on Thursday
  • The Game Awards has been teasing their announcement line-up and saying that there will be reveal trailers for big projects

If there's nothing from Rocksteady or WB Montreal at TGA, I will fucking lose my mind."

While others are saying that it's a simple like, don't read too much into it. We've previously speculated about their new project, which is currently in the works yet still a total mystery. Though the company has stated in the past that the Batman games are done, it doesn't look like that we're willing to let go and let Justice rest. Even the voice of Batman himself stated that there is no game currently in the works, though if it is from WB Montreal - that's not a definitive no since he wasn't the voice in Batman: Arkham Origins. If that's the case however, it means we very well might get a new game - it just might not be from Rocksteady themselves.

Though this isn't a confirmation, it does generate more excitement for the impending Game Awards and potential announcements on the horizon. The event itself will be airing on December 7th at 5:30 PM PST at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.