Rogue Legacy 2 Announced

Released in 2013, Rogue Legacy was well known for its steep difficulty level. Developed by Cellar [...]

Released in 2013, Rogue Legacy was well known for its steep difficulty level. Developed by Cellar Door Games, the title featured a mix of platforming and RPG elements. Despite its level of difficulty, the game quickly became a hit with fans, earning back its entire budget within the first hour of the game's release, and selling through 100,000 units within a week of its release. Rogue Legacy has appeared on just about every platform since, and fans of the game will be happy to know that a sequel is officially on the way! At this time, no platforms or release window have been revealed for the game.

Like its predecessor, Rogue Legacy 2 will feature rogue-lite elements. As in other roguelike games, all of the dungeons are procedurally-generated. This means that players will never experience a dungeon the same way twice, adding a bit of replay value to the game. However, while roguelike games tend to penalize the player by forcing them to repeat all completed parts of the game after dying, Rogue Legacy works a bit differently, offering persistent upgrades. Everything achieved by the player remains intact (including dead bosses), but after the player character dies, they are replaced by an heir. Heirs are not the same as the initial character; some might be color-blind, causing the screen to turn black and white. Sometimes, heirs have ADHD, which allows them to run faster. This time around, heirs that have traits with debilitating effects will get gold bonuses, and gold is one thing that carries over from heir to heir.

One change that players can expect from the game is a new art style, which can be seen in the screenshots shown in the tweet below. The original game featured a pixel art style, but Rogue Legacy 2 will instead feature a full art team. Fans will be happy to know, however, that artist Glauber Kotaki will still remain part of the art team.

As of this writing, further details are fairly limited. It will be interesting to see if the changes to the sequel will make for a slightly easier experience, or if the game will maintain the challenge that made the original a hit with fans.

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