Seedi Game Console Promises To Play PlayStation 1, Turbo Duo And Sega CD Games


We've seen our fair share of classic game systems that have made a comeback in some rebuilt fashion, like the RetroN 5, which can pretty much play a multitude of games in one combined unit, as well as other Hyperkin models which make it simple to play classic games all in one place. Now another company is getting in on the action, this time in CD form.

A team is hard at work on a new game console called the Seedi – which sounds like "CD", get it? – that will enable players to enjoy a number of CD-ROM based games in one place. This includes classic PlayStation 1 games, as well as Neo-Geo CD, TurboGrafx CD, Sega CD and DOS PC games.

The system appears to run on an emulation system that enables these formats to be played seamlessly, and it also looks to be sleekly designed, with a slim system build and a controller that appears suspiciously close in design to the original DualShock peripheral from the PlayStation days.


Supported, the system will make "your old games look great" on a newer television, and will also allow you to use wireless Bluetooth controllers and original system controllers, as well as USB-enabled peripherals should the situation call for it. The Seedi will also feature an optical media player and burner, as well as emulation tools for older systems, like the NES. It will also have a home media center, where you can navigate your own home videos and photos. There will also be a plug-in for cartridges, including Sega Genesis and Game Boy – though it will be sold separately.

The team has recently set up an Indiegogo page, and even though the campaign hasn't gone live yet, they expect to raise $50,000 to bring the Seedi into fruition. There's no word yet if Sony is going to get in the way of its production, since it can run PS1 games, as well as that controller design. We shall see...


Seedi looks to be going for an affordable price, with early beta systems priced between $100-$140, depending on what you want to go with it (extra controllers, Limited Edition system build, etc.). There's also an "ultimate package" where the developers will fly you to Philadelphia to have a good time with the team.

It's too soon to tell how successful the campaign will be, but we'll be talking to the Seedi team shortly to talk about system design and other things. We wish them the best of luck!