SEGA Teams Up with Interior Night for an All-New Narrative Game IP

Today, SEGA Europe announced an all-new collaborative IP with new developer studio Interior Night. [...]

(Photo: Interior Night)

Today, SEGA Europe announced an all-new collaborative IP with new developer studio Interior Night. Interior Night is a new studio made up of former Quantic Dream employees that launched back in October of last year, with a fairly simple mission: to create emotional, narrative-driven games for an audience that isn't often the target of major game studios. With a "mature," TV-influenced market in mind, the new IP seeks to capture the minds of long-time gamers, but also folks who love the deep narratives of shows like Breaking Bad.

John Clark, Executive Vice President of Publishing at SEGA Europe, said that SEGA was very excited to work in a collaborative manner with the new studio.Signing this deal with Interior Night is another great step for SEGA in terms of working with talented studios whether they're established or embarking on a new journey whilst exploring our desire to launch new franchises and experiences," Clark said.

The news comes just a month after three French magazines (and several other publications after that) published reports of homophobia, racism, and what former Quantic Dream employees call a "toxic work environment" created by the company founder and other high-level executives. With the future of Quantic Dream in the balance, fans of games like Beyond - Two Souls and Heavy Rain can turn to this new, untitled IP for more of the story-driven action that the company once provided, from many of the same creative minds.

"We are very excited to work with SEGA on our first narrative game. SEGA have demonstrated a strong desire to take risks, innovate and work collaboratively with studios,: said INterior Night CEO Caroline Marchal. "With their help and support, we're confident Interior Night can deliver a great narrative experience to existing gamers and to a broader audience."

As far as details around the game itself, fans may want to pace themselves. For now, the best look we have at whatever project is developing happens to live on the Interior Dreams official website, where the company notes that it's working on its first game, and promises a "fun and emotional experience" for everyone to enjoy.

Source: Gamasutra