Sifu Announces First Major Post-Launch Update

Sifu developer Sloclap has announced that the first major update for the new action-adventure game will be coming about later this spring. In what has been a very hectic month of February for video games, Sifu has found a way to make big waves of its own as an indie title and has already gained a sizable audience. And even though the game in its current form has already been quite a hit amongst fans, it sounds like Sloclap has even more plans for Sifu in the future. 

In a message that was released on social media, Sloclap announced that a large update for Sifu is currently planned to drop at some point in May. Further details on what this update would include weren't given, but Sloclap did specify that it's slated to drop at some point in the early portion of the month. 

The one thing that Sloclap did specify that this future update for Sifu would include would be an exclusive new outfit for the game's main protagonist to wear. This outfit will be given to those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game as a way to make up for an error that transpired with the early access phase of Sifu earlier this month. In addition to this, Sloclap unveiled that more outfits will also be coming to the game at some point down the road. Although we haven't seen what any of these alternate costumes will look like just yet, the studio encouraged fans to send along their best ideas. "No guarantees – but we'll take a look at all the propositions," Sloclap said on Twitter.

If you're looking to give Sifu a spin for yourself, you can currently pick the game up on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Additionally, you can also read our own thoughts on Sifu by checking out our official review right here.

Have you been playing Sifu for yourself in recent weeks since it launched? And if so, what are you hoping to see brought to the game in the future with subsequent updates? Let me know either down in the comments or you can message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.