Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date May Be Sooner Than Expected

The upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake may be closer to release than we initially expected. The Silent Hill series was once a key pillar of the horror genre in gaming, but it had a pretty sharp decline and disappearance. It looked like the series was going to make a huge comeback that reinvented the series with Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills, but gamers aren't allowed to have nice things, so it was canceled and fans were left to imagine what could've been. After that whole debacle, the series completely faded away, but is now making a huge resurgence with multiple new games and a big remake of Silent Hill 2.

Speaking with, Bloober Team president Pitor Babieno noted that Silent Hill 2 remake is "technically ready", but isn't quite finished. However, it is close to crossing the finish line, but a release date is in the hands of Konami. It is ultimately up to Konami to decide how to market and release the game. However, it's hard to imagine Konami is going to want to sit on a finished or near finished game, especially one as big as this. 

"Silent Hill 2 is technically ready," said Babieno. "It does not mean that the game is finished, but we are close. However, the issue of the release schedule lies with our partners, what the promotion will look like and when the title will debut is not directly in our hands."

Perhaps we'll get lucky and the game will get released this summer. However, there is a chance Konami would be more interested in waiting until October for all of the spooky vibes. That hasn't stopped Capcom from releasing its Resident Evil games in the spring and summer, though, so perhaps it won't matter at all to Konami either. Regardless, it seems like we can count on hearing more about Silent Hill 2 remake fairly soon as it officially approaches the finish line. 

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