New Silent Hill Game Teased by Leaker

A new Silent Hill game has been teased by a prominent leaker. We've been hearing Silent Hill rumors for a few years now. So far, nothing has come of these rumors though. The most prominent rumor so far has been that the creators of the series were coming together to work on a reboot. These rumors have dried up though. The other most common rumor over this span of time was word that Hideo Kojima was teaming up with Konami -- with PlayStation as a mediator -- to revive his cancelled Silent Hills game as a PS5 exclusive. These rumors have also gone missing lately. The third and final rumor is the most recent, which is that Bloober Team -- the makers of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch -- are working on a Silent Hill game.

All of this brings us to a new update from leaker Dusk Golem, who has been at the forefront of previous Silent Hill rumors. The leaker doesn't say much, and what is relayed is laced with speculation. The leaker seems confident a new Silent Hill game is in development. That's not speculation. What's speculation is that it could be revealed at Tokyo Game Show later this year.

"I probably shouldn't say anything, because I don't actually know when the game is being revealed at present," said Dusk Golem. "So take this as speculation, as it's not a leak, just me speculating. I just have more insight to what's being developed than the public at this point (more than I'm sharing publicly, a lot more actually). But I'm really suspicious of Tokyo Game Show with the Exhibitors list that was released, and some of the companies attending. I debated making this post as I don't want to build people to, 'EXPECT IT HERE,' especially when I 100% do not know. Just know I haven't personally suspected that a Silent Hill game would show up at any event for over a year, almost two (not this E3, not last E3), and this TGS is the first time since I fell for some things along with Katharsis back in 2020 that I'm a bit suspicious. In big part because of some companies that are now confirmed to be attending TGS 2022, but to see, to see.

Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt, especially the speculative parts. As for when Tokyo Game Show will happen, it's scheduled to go down between September 15 and September 18. If you're a Silent Hill fan, you may want to keep an eye on it.