Cancelled Silent Hills P.T Now Playable on PC Thanks to Fan Remake

Silent Hills P.T was the playable teaser that fans saw back before it was cancelled in 2015. The [...]


Silent Hills P.T was the playable teaser that fans saw back before it was cancelled in 2015. The move to cancel the project left many horror fans incredibly upset, including that of film connoisseur Guillermo del Toro who worked on the project alongside Hideo Kojima for Konami. But as is the power of fandom, hope is alive through the magic that is remakes and now PC gamers can experience the magic that could have been with a playable version of the axed project.

Unfortunately, it's not a full game - it's the teaser, the full title never saw fruition. That being said, it's still pretty sweet especially that it is on Unreal Engine 4. One re-creator from the video above took to Reddit to show off some test footage while addressing a few questions about script extraction and how the animations were molded. When asked if he had to re-do all of the animations, LinusPixel responded:

"Unfortunately not, but the animations are a breeze to do, I have a few of them extracted at the moment, I just need to figure out how to apply them or convert them to a different file type. I'm guessing the animations in FOX engine still work based on a rig, given the models are rigged and it'd be super weird for them not to be? So it might just be a case of finding something that translates those points and how they move."

With the video above from YouTuber SmoggyChips, they show off the WIP recreation in real-time, making it look incredibly smooth and as creepy as you would imagine! The demo version of it while it is still in progress can be found here. The above video is for the Corridors creation, and though it may not be the full game we wanted - it's something, and we're sure that die hard Silent Hill fans will be pleased!

As far as development goes, this was the most recent update posted on the website that offers Corridors:

  • Changed the player headbob animation
  • Added some Cockroaches, they are idle atm
  • Added environment light from the outside
  • Added two new suprises
  • Changed the lighting in level 4.
  • Changed the post process, shadows should look better.

It's looking good! We can't wait to see the finished product!