Skate 4 Developer Provides New Update, Teases Upcoming Announcement

After revealing that work on a fourth Skate game (which many fans have simply dubbed Skate 4) was [...]

After revealing that work on a fourth Skate game (which many fans have simply dubbed Skate 4) was announced by Electronic Arts last year, no additional information on the project has come to light. While it was said in 2020 that work on the game was merely just now getting off the ground, as of today, we now have a better idea of what this specifically looks like. Sadly, this new update also confirms that we'll likely have to wait longer to see Skate 4 in action.

In a new post shared to the official Skate Twitter account today, the team behind the game revealed more of what they have been up to since announcing Skate 4 last year. Specifically, the team revealed that it established a wholly new studio back in January of this year to work "hard on the game." Since this new studio is only a few months old at this point, the team also confirmed that it won't be appearing during the upcoming EA Play Live showcase, which is set to transpire later this week on July 22. "It's still early and we are committed to doing this thing right which means it's gonna take some time," the message made clear.

While this news might be disappointing to hear at first, the team behind Skate 4 has said that it does have one surprise up its sleeve. Although details are sparse at this moment, the developer said that they do have "a little something" related to the project that it will reveal tomorrow on July 19. What this could be is hard to say though, and expectations should probably be low for whatever this turns out to be. If this was a full trailer or gameplay from Skate 4, you would imagine that EA would prefer to show it off at EA Play. However, perhaps this could be something as small as a formal title for the project.

Regardless of what this new announcement turns out to be, it's nice to hear from the team behind Skate 4 in any capacity. When this new reveal ends up coming about tomorrow, we'll be sure to share that info here with you on

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