Skyrim Dawnstar Mod Makes the City What It Should Have Been

Modding is an incredibly powerful way to transform a beloved gaming experience into something even [...]

Modding is an incredibly powerful way to transform a beloved gaming experience into something even greater. It's a way for fans to make a more personalised adventure both for themselves, and others. Or ... and let's be real ... it just gives us the chance to put Thomas the Tank Engine into literally everything. Still ... mods are great and for games as expansive as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they are down right breathtaking.

For those familiar with the world of Tamriel, Dawnstar is a notable port city and is paramount to the RPG's economy. For being the largest trade center in Skyrim, it was vastly underrepresented and this mod changes that. The ancient city has a new lease on life thanks to one creative fan, making this staple for The Elder Scrolls into the power house it was meant to be.

According to the mod's creator, "The Great City Of Dawnstar tries to improve Dawnstar by adding fortifications and an expanded port area. It tries to accentuate the differences between the upper district, which houses the Jarl and guard barracks and focuses on defense, and the lower port area, which focuses on port activity and trade. This mod does not add new NPCs or houses. The goal is to add just a little more immersion to every visit of Dawnstar and filling in the huge gap between minor and major cities."

This mod does require players to own the Dragonborn DLC and does have some limitations as to what other mods it is compatible with. For any complete overhaul mods that specifically target this area, this particular project will be rendered ineffective.

For more info on how to partake in the newly invisioned Dawnstar, you can check out the Nexus Mods listing right here. How to download, what mods it isn't compatible with, and even frequently asked questions that may have already seen an answer.

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