Skyrim Mod Brings Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Combat to the Game

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice proved to be one of 2019's biggest titles, earning itself a number of Game of the Year awards, including a spot on's Games of the Year list. One of the most beloved aspects of the game is its strong combat system. In fact, the combat has been so well-received that players want to see it implemented in other games, too! Modder LertKrush attempted to do just that with a new mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which they call "Skyrim Die Twice." The mod mimics Sekiro's combat, greatly increasing the speed that players (and NPCs) can block.

I made a Sekiro combat overhaul mod! ⚔️ from r/skyrimmods

The mod looks really impressive! LertKrush essentially simulated Sekiro's posture system through Skyrim's stamina bar. By successfully timing each block, players can create new openings, but messing up that timing will result in a loss of stamina. In the mod, every enemy in the game also has their own unseen stamina bar, greatly increasing Skyrim's potential level of difficulty. In the video above, the steeper level of challenge is definitely noticeable, as the player and the enemy repeatedly exchange blocks.

Since its release in 2011, Skyrim has been considered one of the greatest games of all-time. Critics heaped praise on the game's art direction and magic system. The game's combat, however, has never been quite as well-regarded. In the years since, modders have made a number of attempts to improve it, but the Sekiro-influenced combat system LertKrush pulled off in the Skyrim Die Twice mod just might be a cut above the rest.


It's always interesting to see what the mod community can come up with. There's a huge level of passion involved when modders decide to create projects like these. The Skyrim Die Twice mod was technically created by a single modder, though it should be noted that LertKrush built it by expanding on tktk's Ultimate Fighting mod. While LertKrush has expressed an interest in making the mod publicly available, they're waiting for permission from the original mod's creators before doing so. In addition to passion, the community clearly has a high level of respect for one another!

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