Skyrim Together Devs Reassure Fans It's Still in Development

Skyrim Together Mod

Everyone that has been following the Skyrim Together mod that is currently in development may know that there was a huge setback earlier this year when the devs were accused of stealing code. This, of course, came after finally hitting a closed beta phase back in January, which was a huge milestone for the team. Unfortunately, the setback led to the beta being shut down and the work began on completely getting rid of it. That said, according to one of the developers on the project, the code has since been scrapped with a "new approach" in mind.

After one fan asked if anyone had info regarding the Skyrim Together mod on the mod's subreddit, the developers themselves chimed in to provide an official update. According to "Ijustwantsteamdosh," the "entire codebase" has indeed been scrapped, but they are continuing to work on the project. "I would love to give you specifics of the report but It's mostly focused on recent drama and future plans / current status of project," they said. "I'm personally trying to distance myself from the drama as much as possible; it isn't my battle and I don't want to be apart of it."

They went on to note that all of this isn't because of the SKSE code being removed. "It wasn't because of SKSE it was an entire restructure of class hierarchy and how things interact with each other - we thought of it as a good time to do it to ensure there was nothing conflicting left," they said. "I've been told it's already at par of where we were during closed beta."

Developer "f13rce_hax" chimed in to clarify after someone said that since the code was scrapped, it wasn't looking like the mod was coming out anytime soon. "It's not really scrapped, but rather a restructure," they said. "Most components can be copy-pasted from parts that have always worked (e.g. equipping an item). This'll save a lot of time rather than remaking the mod from scratch.

"The restructure mainly tackles our possibility to debug and streamline all components more easily as we used to make every component separate from each other. With components I mean the containers, actors, props and objects."

The team is currently working on an official update to provide details for those eagerly awaiting the mod's arrival. At this time, it is unknown when this report will appear, or when another beta can be expected.

What do you think about this? Are you glad to see that the dev team is continuing their work on the Skyrim Together mod? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!

Thanks, PCGamesN.



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