Toys R Us Makes Statement About SNES Classic Pre-Orders

snes classic toysrus

Toys R Us has issued an official statement concerning SNES Classic Edition pre-orders and it's either really good news or really bad news depending on how you look at it. Here's the tweet, which was sent as a response to a fan who had asked if they'd need to lose sleep over the fear of missing the pre-order rush (which is exactly what happened with Amazon and Best Buy pre-orders, which went up around one in the morning). Toys R Us responded:

"The SNES Mini will be available in our stores on 9/29. There will be no pre-orders for this item. TY!" There will be no pre-orders from Toys R Us. This is actually good news for those of you who were unable to pre-order through GameStop, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart. The online pre-orders all sold out within seconds -- we're talking 10 seconds or less -- and that's due in no small part to scripted bots. At least this way, you know you're going to be competing with normal human beings.

That's the catch, though. You're going to have to be there, bright and early, when Toys R Us opens on the morning of September 29. If word gets out that this is one of the last places to secure a console, then you may actually need to get there the night before and camp out. I know it sounds extreme, but people are going to go to those extremes to grab this little SNES. Don't kid yourselves by thinking you'll walk in after lunch and take one off of the shelf.


It's worth noting that GameStop announced that it too will have units allocated for launch day which will only be available to customers who walk into the store. Since GameStop also took online pre-orders, we're assuming that Nintendo actually made good on its promise to produce more of these than it did the NES Classic Edition. Be that as it may, demand is still far exceeding supply as far as we can tell, so don't hesitate to secure a spot in line early.