Ben Schwartz Reacts to News That Sonic the Hedgehog Will Be 2020's Highest-Grossing Superhero Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog has raced its way to a 2020 record. The Paramount movie is going to be the highest-grossing superhero movie of the year at the worldwide box office, as titles like Black Widow, Morbius, Venom: Let There Carnage, and Eternals have all vacated their 2020 plans in favor of 2021 releases. Wonder Woman 1984 has a chance at coming in late for a shot at the title but the current Christmas date for the DC Comics movie remains uncertain. As Sonic is looking to be 2020's biggest super hero movie at the box office, the voice of the titular hedgehog Ben Schwartz had a fun reaction to the news.

"Does this mean I'm an Avengers now?" Schwartz wrote, quote-tweeting a post by "Do I have to change my name to Chris? How does this work?" Fans followed up his tweet by adding Marvel props and poster styles to Sonic, so Schwartz took a couple of those and shared them in a follow up tweet.

Check out the tweets from Schwartz about Sonic's success below!

Nothing like a hedgehog with an Infinity Gauntlet!

"You see, Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog ended up grossing over $308 million worldwide largely due in part to its early release in the year,"'s Adam Barnhardt said. "As fans have come to find out, that leaves Sonic as the biggest money-maker in the genre for the year, surpassing comic book flicks like Birds of Prey ($201.8M) and The New Mutants (43.7M) on its way to a massive box office haul." Meanwhile, Sony and Valiant's Bloodshot hardly got a week into its theatrical run before being shifted to an on demand release.


"Now if you've seen Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll know that one, he's a superhero, and two, he has extraordinary or superhuman powers," Barnhardt goes on, fighting thee good fight for Sonic's recognition. "Going by the very definition in the dictionary, that means that Sonic the Hedgehog is, in fact, the highest-grossing superhero film of the year and will unseat Marvel Studios' decade-long run atop the category."

nic the Hedgehog is now available wherever movies are sold.