Sonic the Hedgehog Is Officially a VTuber

Rumors circulated this week that suggested the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog character would be turned [...]

Rumors circulated this week that suggested the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog character would be turned into a VTuber, and sooner than expected, those rumors have come to fruition. The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account from Japan posted a video on Thursday showing Sonic in a different sort of animated style which confirmed the VTuber suspicions. The latest job for Sonic is part of Sega's ongoing 30-year anniversary celebrations for the character.

The video shown below was shared by the Japanese Sonic account on Thursday following the bulk of the 30-year anniversary events that have been going on for some time now. Sonic shared a message with fans with the official account thanking all those who participated in the many Sonic events planned around the anniversary.

Since there'd already been talks of Sonic taking on the VTuber job before, it's likely this won't be the last of this version of Sonic that we'll see. More Sonic VTuber appearances will probably happen in the future around other events and announcements that need to be made. This particular video wasn't widely shared by other regional Sonic accounts on Twitter, so it looks like you'll have to keep an eye on the Japanese account for more of this version of Sonic, for now.

While the Sonic announcements took different forms throughout the past couple of weeks, some of the biggest announcements came from video game reveals. Those reveals included Sonic Origins, Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and finally, a new Sonic the Hedgehog game in the works. That new game might be called "Sonic Rangers," but that remains to be seen, for now. All that we know about it is that it's being developed by the core Sonic Team that works on new Sonic games, and from the looks of it, it appears to be a different sort of Sonic game than players might be used to.

We've already seen more gameplay reveals from some of these projects since they were announced, so expect to see gameplay and more insights in the future as we get closer to the games' releases.