These Spawn Kustom Kontrollerz Designs Will Take Your Breath Away

You may have noticed in the past that we’ve talked about Kustom Kontrollerz. Johnny Marcos and [...]


You may have noticed in the past that we've talked about Kustom Kontrollerz. Johnny Marcos and his team have been working overtime on prototype designs that have been big hits with comic book fans. If you don't believe us, check out this improved design of the Spider-Man controller; this sick design featuring Venom; and a hybrid that features both characters in the same controller.

Welp, Johnny and his team are at it again, as this time they've custom designed not one but two controllers based on Todd McFarlane's Spawn. And we want them very, very badly.

You can see the prototype designs below, and while we kind of prefer one over the other, there's no denying that they would both make those gameplay sessions of Dark Souls Remastered a little more meaningful.

The Xbox One controller is probably the preferred one, since it features Spawn's easily recognizable face on the front, set against a gorgeous black and green design that looks like it would truly stand out in our collection. Granted, the custom DualShock 4 controller looks good as well, though having analog sticks over Spawn's eyes could be a little distracting for some. Nevertheless, it still looks bad-ass.

Now, these are concept designs, which means Kustom Kontrollerz' hasn't exactly put it into production yet. However, if you're interested, you can contact the team over on Twitter, or reach out to They might be interested in working with you to get one of these bad boys made. We know McFarlane would probably love one of these for his office. (Or home set-up.)

While you're at it, check out some of the team's other concepts below. For instance, this Thundercats prototype looks pretty sweet…

For that matter, I also pointed out these sweet Toejam and Earl designs from earlier this month. They're pretty jammin'.

Now we just need to see what Kustom Kontrollerz will come up with next. Hey, guys, feel like trying out a Carnage controller?