'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Deal Comes With Free Xbox Game Pass

Xbox One players have probably gotten a taste of Xbox Game Pass by now to try out a growing [...]

Xbox One players have probably gotten a taste of Xbox Game Pass by now to try out a growing catalogue of games, but for those already planning on buying Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a Game Pass subscription can be extended or taken on a trial run for two weeks.

Microsoft's deal on the digital release of the new Spider-Man movie can be found through the retailer's product listing for the movie where the details of the promotion are listed. By buying the digital release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Xbox users will get a bonus trial period of Xbox Game Pass, but the deal's only available for a limited time.

"From Feb. 26-Mar. 11, 2019, get a code for two weeks of Xbox Game Pass free when you purchase this product," Microsoft's promotional page reads. "Code will arrive within 10 days of purchase via Xbox Live Messaging Center."

The full details of the promotion reveal that it's only available to Microsoft's shoppers who reside in the United States and Canada and reaffirms that buyers will have the code delivered to their Messaging Center inboxes. The code expires on May 31st and there's no mention within the promotional details that someone with an existing subscription can't take part, so the deal looks to be good for anyone wanting to try the subscription service for a while or those who just want a few hours to try a new game.

Microsoft's timing for the Spider-Verse promotion coincides well with February's additions to the Xbox Game Pass service as well, so if there's a game Xbox One users have been putting off, now might be the time to try it. Shadow of the Tomb Raider and two seasons of Telltale's The Walking Dead were added alongside the long-awaited Crackdown 3, a game which hasn't been reviewed as well as Microsoft probably hoped but still serves as a prime example for the purpose of Xbox Game Pass.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is only available as a digital product for now, but the physical version can be pre-ordered ahead of its release in March and is available at a discount right now. Full details on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service can be found here.

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