New Spider-Man PS4 Concept Art Provides A Closer Look At The Sinister Six

SPidey 2

Marvel's Spider-Man E3 2018 extended trailer showcased during Sony's press conference seemingly confirmed that the Sinister Six will be the punching bags for Spidey in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Since then, developer Insomniac Games has released a fresh-out-the-oven batch of concept art that provides a closer look at supervillain squad.

The new concept art shows how each villain evolved from concept to final incarnation. Mister Negative has particularly seen an overhaul since his concept art days. In fact, Insomniac Games has said that Mister Negative once sported a younger look, but then was changed to what he is now because the developer wanted a more mature villain to match the more mature story it's trying to create.

It's worth noting the Sinister Six have not been confirmed for the game, however, the latest trailer essentially does just that. At the moment, only five of the six villains have been revealed: Mister Negative, Scorpion, Electro, Vulture, and Rhino. Who the final member is, hasn't been divulged....but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating, of course.

The most common theories suggest Green Goblin, though it could be a wide range of other villains, such as Venom, Sandman, Beetle, Mysterio, or Kraven the Hunter. However, going off the game's latest trailer, the unrevealed six member is likely the leader, which seems to give further credence to it being either Green Goblin, Venom, or Doctor Octopus. Personally, my money is on Green Goblin.

Speculation aside, below you can peep all of the new concept art:

spider-man concept art
spider-man concept art 7
spider-man concept art 2
spider-man concept art 3
spider-man concept art 4
spider-man concept art 5
spider-man concept art 9
spider-man concept art 10
spider-man concept art 6
spider-man concept art 8

While we already know most of the game's cast of villains, we don't know nearly as much about what good guys will show up to help Spidey. Other than a likely Black Cat appearance, we know that both Daredevil and The Avengers exist in the game's universe, but there's no word whether they will make an appearance in the actual game.


Marvel's Spider-Man is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4, and is slated to release on September 7th. For more information and media on the game, be sure to check out all of our previous coverage on it by clicking here.

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