Spider-Man PS4's E3 Mural Is Complete and It Looks Amazing


A few days ago, we reported that a really big mural for Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 was going up in downtown L.A. as part of Sony’s elaborate advertising for next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Good news, webheads -- it looks like it’s finally completed!

Insomniac Games has posted a new tweet that shows the work in progress on the mural and it pretty much looks finished, save for mild clean-up and getting the crew out of the way. And based on what you can see in the tweet below, it looks...amazing? Simple terminology, sure, but it works.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like #E32018!” the developer noted in its tweet. In the image, you can see Spidey in his spiffy new suit slinging a web, while the words “Be greater” appear underneath him, along with the game’s release date and the PlayStation logo.

For good measure, Insomniac Games' community director also posted a pic to show off its scale. Oh, yeah.

This is just a portion of Sony’s advertising for the show to be sure but it’ll be in a good central spot in Los Angeles for all to see.

Some fans have responded to Insomniac Games’ tweet in the greatest fashion. For instance, this particular one remembers last year’s E3 in which a huge God of War mural went up:

Others have expressed their excitement for the superhero adventure:


It appears that the buzz for the webslinger’s next video game is at an all-time high and it will no doubt get its fair share of attention during Sony’s pre-E3 press conference next month. Here’s hoping there’s a playable version on hand, because we really want to hit New York City and stop a little crime in-between other game sessions. (Hey, it's how we roll.)

Spider-Man releases on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.