Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg Reveals Peter Parker Might Work for Iron Man

Some new in-game footage from Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 could be hinting at one of the most popular Avengers, Tony Stark, making his way into the game. In case you missed it, the opening five minutes of the game were revealed to the public at VK Fest in St. Petersburg. You can check out the footage above, and make sure to keep a very careful eye out for Easter eggs in the opening moments.

As the camera pans about Peter Parker's apartment, you'll notice all kinds of little shoutouts and Easter eggs lining his walls. There are newspaper clippings describing villains' attacks on the city, opinion pieces about Spider-Man as a menace, reminders to pick up Aunt May and pay rent, and you may also notice a small reminder to call someone.

Check out this post-it note, which Reddit user "xshravyx" managed to capture and share:

spider-man notes
(Photo: Sony)

To the left, you can see a note that says "call T.S. back." For your sake, dear reader, I enhanced the image and put my eyeballs right up to my computer screen so I could read the rest of the note, which actually says "call T.S. back re: job offer."

This could be huge, and if this note means what we think it means, it could actually be hinting at a huge early-game spoiler for Spider-Man. If you don't want to know anything else, and if you're trying to avoid all possible spoilers before the game comes out, then now would be the time to click out. Do keep in mind, however, that we are operating purely within the realm of speculation here, and none of what I'm about to say has been confirmed.

Here's what we do know: We know that in this game, Peter Parker has already graduated college and gone on to become a budding scientist of sorts. We also know that his exact job is still being guarded as a secret, because apparently it's a somewhat significant spoiler. Now why on earth would Peter Parker's job be a spoiler? Well, if he's gone to work for Tony Stark, A.KA. Iron Man, that would be a pretty huge surprise that Insomniac Games would have wanted to keep under wraps for players.

This note could indicate some early-game narrative beats that lead to Parker and Stark working together. What if Parker, deciding that he wants to take his civilian career to the next level, decides to go work with Stark? We see in the early game footage that Parker is still wearing the classic Spider-Man costume. What if his new position at Stark Industries is what leads to him creating, or receiving, the "advanced" or "white spider" suit that we've seen in so much of the in-game footage?


We're starting to think that this isn't such a stretch. In ComicBook's recent interview with Spider-Man's lead writer Jon Paquette, we learned that, in the game, Peter Parker is starting to think that his job as a scientist may be able to help more people than his job as Spider-Man. He will be dealing with an internal struggle over which identity is more important, and so it seems natural that he'd want to make moves to advance his career.

We're keeping our eyes open and looking for more clues, but what do you think? Is this proof that Tony Stark and possibly Iron Man will be in Marvel's Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below!