Spider-Man PS4 Includes Mary Jane Stealth Sections

We already knew Mary Jane Watson was playable in Insomniac Game's upcoming PlayStation 4 [...]

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We already knew Mary Jane Watson was playable in Insomniac Game's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man, but the finer details around these sections were unknown. And they partly still are, but now we know that at least some of the Mary Jane sections will have players stealthing around as the character.

Insomniac Games has previously confirmed that Mary Jane is a reporter for the Daily Bugle, and has known Peter Parker for roughly six months before the events of the game kick off.

Minor Early Spoilers Ahead

Not long into the game, Parker runs into Mary Jane, which triggers a flashback-type of mission featuring MJ, who has to stealth her way through Wilson Fisk's (Kingpin) art gallery while documenting things with her camera and solving light puzzles. Pretty simple stuff, but a nice addition nonetheless.

Now, what isn't clear is whether or not this is the only playable Mary Jane section, and if there is more, if they will all be akin to this. Regardless the case, it sounds like MJ will play a much bigger role in the game than simply being a love-interest of Parker in need of rescue at some point.

Speaking of Peter Parker, it has also been revealed that while he isn't thwarting villains and swinging from buildings, he can be found doing a variety of average people things, including messing around in his own research lab as Peter Parker the scientist. Okay, so that's not that normal, but in comparison to wearing tights while scaling skyscrapers, it's pretty ordinary.

Peter's Lab is actually where players will research and craft the game's 25-plus suits and participate in solving the occasional puzzle mini-game.

Marvel's Spider-Man is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4, and is poised to release on September 7. For more news, information, and media on the game and all things Spidey, click here.

Pertaining to Mary Jane specifically, last month some fans took to the Internet upset over the apparent "changes" to her character design in the latest story trailer.

As always, feel free to hit the comments section and let us know your take. Are you happy that Mary Jane appears to have a more prominent than usual role in the game? What are you hoping for from her playable parts?

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