Spider-Man PS4 Will Not Have Annoying Side Missions, Like Pizza Delivery and Rescuing Balloons

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Earlier today, Insomniac Games hosted a cool livestream that took a closer look at everything that’s available to do within its latest game, Spider-Man. And there’s a lot.

Whether you’re taking on boss battles, encountering side missions or stopping criminals, Spider-Man has no shortage of cool stuff. But one thing you won’t find in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 release? Annoying missions.

You can probably get a good idea of what we’re talking about. In previous Spider-Man games, we’ve been turned off by smaller things you can do within the game. For instance, pizza delivery, which Insomniac Games noted has been done to the point that it doesn’t need to be done anymore.

But more importantly, we also won’t see balloon rescues. One thing that we found completely grating in the classic Spider-Man 2 was being called upon by a child (from the ground while we’re several hundred feet up, by the way) to rescue their balloon.

The fact of the matter is those balloons were hard to rescue, mainly because targeting them was a chore. And when they managed to slip out of your grasp, the child would cry as a result. So, yeah, the good news is that we won’t be getting any of those in Insomniac Games’ latest. Thank goodness.

What you will find, however, are a number of side missions within the game. These include throwing objects to clog toxic leaks (like sandbags); defusing bombs that are scattered throughout the city; and taking on swinging challenges where you have to go through specific light-up points on the map.

And these are optional, mind you, along with the crime-stopping activities and just being able to cruise around New York and get into trouble. Thankfully, that means you don’t have to deal with kids with loose hands. Tie the balloon around your wrist, boy -- we’ve got a city to save.


You can check out the archived livestream above, which covers a lot of the in-game activities, as well as some bonus missions -- like, for instance, finding the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Spider-Man will release on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.