‘Splatoon 2’ Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch Are Now Available to Order

Earlier this month it was announced that the neon pink / neon green pair of Joy-Con controllers [...]


Earlier this month it was announced that the neon pink / neon green pair of Joy-Con controllers that were originally available in the limited edition Splatoon 2 version of the Nintendo Switch and later as standalone purchases in Japan and Europe would be available separately in the United States. If you are of the mindset that life is too short for gray Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, then we have the news that you've been waiting for.

The neon pink / neon green Splatoon 2-themed Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch are now available to pre-order on Amazon for $79.99 - the same price point as standard Joy-Cons. A ship date isn't listed on Amazon, but the controllers are also available to pre-order from Walmart and Best Buy, which list ship dates of January 26th and January 28th respectively.

Previously, it was possible to get the Splatoon Joy-Cons in the US by paying a premium for an imported version. There was also a Splatoon 2-themed pro controller that was discontinued, but can still be purchased right here while supplies last.

Hopefully, resorting to purchasing imports will no longer be necessary as all of the cool controller color options that are floating around out there in bundles and international markets will make their way to the US in short order. On that note, you can get the neon yellow Joy-Cons released alongside Arms at Walmart right now with two extra Joy-Con straps tossed in for free.

If Joy-Cons with vibrant colors just isn't enough customization for you, there are other options. Those that have the desire and the courage to take their customization a step further should check out our guide to modifying your Nintendo Switch.

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