Spyro the Dragon's Reignited Trilogy Revealed Via Leak, First Screenshots Emerge

Wow. Suddenly, September is becoming a very loaded month for games. Not only are we getting that [...]

Spyro 5

Wow. Suddenly, September is becoming a very loaded month for games. Not only are we getting that wonderful new Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games, but now it looks like Spyro the Dragon's return is finally on deck.

While Activision still has yet to say anything, some retail details and first screenshots have emerged for a project called Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which looks to be legit.

A listing over at Amazon Mexico has apparently confirmed that the Spyro the Dragon trilogy is happening on PlayStation 4, with a release date of September 21 and Toys For Bob, the developer behind the Skylanders franchise, handling development.


The listing notes that the game will feature the three original Spyro the Dragon games from the PlayStation era, including the self-titled debut game, the follow-up Rypto's Rage! and the third game, Year of the Dragon, with all three games remastered in high-definition. Some of the screenshots, which we've included below, show off just how far Toys For Bob is going with the remaster – and might even indicate that the original PS One games might also be included. (That isn't confirmed, though – besides, the new versions are looking really spiffy.)

Spyro 2

The game will feature over 100 levels updated with visual enhancements and improved gameplay controls, so Spyro will feel better than ever before.

Spyro 3

Activision still hasn't said anything about the project, but with all the teases that have been making the rounds, it's likely that something will drop today. And with screenshots and box art now making the rounds, it's simply a matter of time. Once it happens, of course, we'll keep you informed, so you can free up even more time in September for awesome gaming.

But it looks like we're finally here, Spyro fans. We've waited months to see this return, and even gone through potential reveals before (and this isn't entirely confirmed, though the evidence is better than ever), only for them to never happen. But this isn't looking like an April Fools joke anymore. It looks like it's finally happening, and Insomniac Games' original trilogy will finally get its due in this era. Plus we totally get to burn sheep. That's always fun.

Spyro 4

We'll let you know once more official details drop, but, for now, enjoy the content we've posted, and prepare to raise a little hell this September!