Rumor: Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy Reveal Hinted At Yet Again, This Time With Physical Evidence

Spyro the Dragon 2

Yeah, we know. In the past, we've talked about Activision possibly revealing a new Spyro the Dragon Collection for some time, though most of this talk has pretty much come up empty. But there's still some hope, and some new evidence has emerged, indicating that somethingcould be coming soon.

IGN recently posted a story indicating that it got a mysterious package that comes from someone by the name of "Falcon McBob," and features what appears to be a glossy dragon egg, colored purple – the same color as Spyro the Dragon. There's also a note included, saying, "Something's about to hatch." You can see the picture below.

Spyro the Dragon

Now, this could be a late April Fools prank, but we decided to do a little digging regarding the matter. See, the Falcon McBob name is actually what comes up when you look up the Spyro the Dragon Twitter name.

And when we go to look up the account, you'll notice two things. Number one, there's no profile photos to speak of. There were some there before, but now they appear to be gone, which could indicate that Activision has gotten a hold of the account and is preparing to launch it with official Spyro the Dragon pictures at some point.

Also, the tweets for the account are now protected, indicating that the company might be prepping some sort of announcement that will open up once the tweets are made public again. This definitely looks a little suspect.

IGN takes a closer look at the egg in a video on its page, and it does look like a legitimate prop from the Spyro games. But, for all we know, someone could be pulling their leg – and the Internet's, for that matter. After all, no other outlets – at least, none that we know of – have gotten a similar egg. Could IGN be preparing for an exclusive reveal?

We've been down this road before, and it came up to a dead end, so we're taking all this with a grain of salt. But there's still that slight "fingers crossed" feeling that Activision could finally lift the veil off of the Spyro the Dragon collection we want.


More than likely, Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy could be exclusive to PlayStation 4 this year before coming to other platforms in 2019, just as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy did beforehand. We'll see what happens.