Star Wars: Battlefront II May Finally Be Getting a Conquest Mode

While Star Wars: Battlefront II has seen its fair share of controversies, it’s also gotten a [...]

Star Wars Battlefront II

While Star Wars: Battlefront II has seen its fair share of controversies, it's also gotten a pretty stable audience of players, particularly on the multiplayer side of things. The developers at DICE is going all out to satisfy them – and that may include re-introducing a classic mode from its previous games to enjoy in its latest effort.

Design director Dennis Brannvall recently stopped by the Star Wars: Battlefront II forums to talk with fans about upcoming content for the game. Nothing major was confirmed during the discussion, but there was an interesting point that was brought up and explored – Conquest Mode.

Fans of Battlefield will be quite familiar with this mode, which works as an open-ended type of game, and it's one that devotees truly recognize. Back in November, Criterion producer Pete Lake noted that the mode was a possibility, but it depended on community demand.

Apparently, the demand is there. When a fan by the name of HypergamerMk2 asked about the possible debut of the mode in Battlefront – or a variation of it, at the very least – Brannvall noted the team was looking into it.

Nothing was confirmed mind you, but he did say that DICE is "definitely working on satisfying that request," and the developer is more than aware that fans want it.

In addition, Brannvall was asked about possible customization options for the game, which were once again confirmed but not given any sort of release date. An upcoming playlist based on The Clone Wars is also being worked on, but, again, not yet dated.

Finally, the progression system was discussed, as some fans were wondering if loot crates would be dropped entirely and the option to just buy content would be available. Brannvall simply noted, "We're working on an overhaul of the progression system," although EA has made it known in the past that it intends to bring back Microtransactions to the game, although it hasn't given a time frame for that just yet.

We'll have to see what happens over the next few months, but hell yes, we'll take a Conquest mode. Make it happen.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.