'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Rumored To Get Padme, Ahsoka and More

We already know that Star Wars: Battlefront II is getting some good content from The Clone Wars, which is ideal timing considering that the animated series is making a comeback. But the content could go a lot further than we may think, with some familiar female heroes joining the fray.

The Clone Wars

Recently, EA DICE provided a quick update on what's to be expected from Battlefront II past the recently revealed Roadmap, which shows a number of characters -- including the recent debut of General Grievous -- and new items coming to the game.

In its Reddit post, the company noted the following:

"Hey everyone, As you know, we are due to release a new version of the roadmap at the end of this month. Unfortunately, as we are still planning out our second year of content, we will not be able to have one this month.

We know that many of you have had questions around this topic, and we're excited to confirm that content will continue to be released for Star Wars Battlefront II into 2019.

As always, we thank you for your continued patience, support, feedback and enthusiasm for Star Wars Battlefront II."

But from the looks of things, a couple of savvy users have done some datamining and found that Clone Wars favorites Ahsoka and Padme could be added in the very near future.

The first piece of evidence comes from Dangercat on Twitter, in which he finds interaction codes with General Grievous. You can see that tweet below.

Those numbers could really mean anything, but then you have this Reddit post from Kekstreamer, which shows that, indeed, Grievous does have interactions with these characters in the source code of the game, alongside those that are already in the game, like Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker.

Considering that EA doesn't have a new Battlefront game planned for 2019 (instead possibly leaning on Visceral Games' forthcoming Jedi Fallen Order), it's possible that DICE could have updates planned throughout the next year to introduce new characters, features, modes and more into the fold, to keep the longevity of the game going. These details haven't been confirmed yet, but considering that the company is taking some extra effort in putting together its latest roadmap, it wouldn't surprise us if they have something big planned.

Considering how EA is still learning from its mistakes with Battlefront II and hoping to make it more of a quality games-as-a-service example, we're anticipating some big content in the future. Let's see what DICE announces!


Star Wars: Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to Resetera for the scoop!)