Star Wars: Battlefront II Datamine Reveals New Additions for Both Sides


We are less than a week away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and even closer to the release of the all-new The Last Jedi DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront II. EA has been updating its blog as of recent to prepare players for the DLC, which will include new story mode entries starring Iden Versio, as well as the addition of Captain Phasma, Finn, the Crait map, and countless others. Now, two more extras that players can look forward to have been explored in new gameplay videos. Warning -- spoilers and unfinished gameplay ahead.

The new video, uploaded by the SYLO YouTube channel shows off all-new gameplay for two new characters, the Rebel Pilot and the ARC Trooper. As it runs through, we learn that . The Rebel Pilot will have 3 abilities to use on the battlefield: an R5-D4 shield, a proton launcher (which may be a slight nod to the original Battlefront II), as well as an X-Wing strike to call in an air strike in battle. The Rebel Pilot will reportedly work as a Sentinel reinforcement class. While not as much is known about what the ARC trooper will be able to do, it's still nice to know that the model will be available in the game.

The recent data mine within Battlefront II, which is being led primarily by someone known as DylanRocket, has already shown us some gameplay of Captain Phasma on Yavin IV as well as some of the new weapons coming with the DLC. Additionally, official information has confirmed that Crait will take center stage as a new map, and that the Iden Versio missions take place during the formation of the First Order.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new DLC, called Project Resurection, will be released on December 13th.