Dr Disrespect Tells Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Complainers to "Get a Life"

The biggest talking point in gaming last week was the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which hasn't gone very smoothly for developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA. While there's no room to doubt the quality of the game, the experience for many has been plagued with substantial performance issues. Many of these performance issues are limited to PC, but the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions do have problems as well. In some cases, the performance issues are so bad that players have straight-up stopped playing until a patch is released. That said, Dr Disrespect seems to think Star Wars fans are overreacting. 

Taking to Twitter, the popular YouTube streamer revealed that he played the new Star Wars game on max settings, and while there some frame drops during scenes, the "overall performance and the experience on the game were top notch." Of course, Dr Disrespect has an insane rig, however, high-end PCs are actually having a lot of trouble with the game, so it's unclear how Dr Disrespect avoided issues other than pure luck. Whatever the case, the streamer capped the tweet by noting that "people that complain about video games" should "go get a life." The streamer tagged the official EA Star Wars account, but obviosuly they did not retweet the fiery take.

You'd expect a tweet like this to be full of people upset in the replies, but it seems like many of the replies agree with Dr Disrespect's take, or at least some of it. Chiming in popular Twitch streamer Noko noted they didn't have any serious problems with the game either. 

"Agreed. Some tiny frame drops but I had amazing fps most of the time, it's not breaking my pc and or unplayable... It's an amazing game so far!"

While Dr Disrespect and some others haven't had any major issues with the game, many are, as evident by Respawn Entertainment feeling the need to come out an publicly address said issues this week, noting that a patch is in the works. That said, and as always, feeel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Have you had any major problems with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?