Star Wars Unlimited Starter Decks Revealed

Star Wars Unlimited's first Starter Decks will feature Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Fantasy Flight Games has revealed the first starter decks for Star Wars Unlimited. Today, Fantasy Flight Games revealed the Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion Two-Player Starter, a new pair of starter decks that will be released as part of the upcoming trading card game's release next year. The two decks, one featuring Luke Skywalker and one featuring Darth Vader, will be released as a single product. Interestingly, the Starter decks will contain several unique cards that can only be found in the starter decks, while others can also be found in booster packs. For example, the deck contains versions of Leia Organa and Grand Moff Tarkin that can only be found in the starter deck. A Leader card version of Leia Organa was previously revealed, thus confirming that characters can have multiple cards in the same set. 

No price has been announced for Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion Two-Player Starter, but the product will come out in early 2024. 

What Is Star Wars Unlimited?

Star Wars Unlimited is the latest Star Wars trading card game, and the second to be published by Fantasy Flight Games. The game involves building decks that focus on a leader card and a base. The leader card and base determine which three "aspects" a deck is built around. If a player wants to play a card that contains an aspect not found on either the leader or deck card, they have to pay additional resources to bring it out onto the field, putting them at a disadvantage. 

Play involves attempting to destroy the other player's base, with players able to attack using ground and space forces. Players will need to build their deck using a mix of forces or they'll otherwise leave their base vulnerable. Additionally, a player's leader card has both a passive ability that can be activated every turn as well as additional abilities that activate when players deploy their leader as an active unit. 

Star Wars Unlimited will be released in 2024.