Assassin's Creed TTRPG Releases Quickstart Rules Ahead of Kickstarter

CMON has released a first look at the Assassin's Creed Roleplaying Game

Assassin's Creed fans can get an early look at the soon to be released tabletop RPG. This week, CMON released the quickstart rules for Assassin's Creed Roleplaying Game, which will be released via Kickstarter next month. While not a full ruleset, The quickstart rules packet provides some insight as to the rules and what fans can expect for this new game, which was designed by Massimiliano Castellani and Andrea Macchi. Interestingly, Assassin's Creed Roleplaying Game doesn't adapt an existing tabletop system but instead uses a new bespoke game engine focused on custom dice and a bleed/sync track that unlocks additional abilities as a player as they complete certain objectives in a scene. 

At the heart of the Assassin's Creed Roleplaying Game are custom six-sided dice that contain six symbols, one for each of the four core traits of the game, along with an Abstergo icon and a Creed icon. When making checks, players have to roll a minimum of icons equal to their skill in a certain trait to succeed. Failing a check can result in "snags" that can later trigger additional setbacks when making Reaction checks (which are triggered when an unexpected threat approaches). These setbacks are triggered when rolling Abstergo icons on Reaction checks. Creed icons, meanwhile, are used to trigger special gear and abilities that help add additional traits to checks, helping to guarantee their success. 

While CMON has published tabletop RPGs based on their own properties before, this marks the first time that they've delved into licensed TTRPGs. CMON has previously said that the Assassin's Creed Roleplaying Game will come with three rulebooks and the credits confirm there will be a miniatures component as well. 

The Assassin's Creed Roleplaying Game Kickstarter launches on September 5th. You can check out the Quickstart rules here.