Starfield Rumor Warns Game Is in "Rough Shape"

An Xbox insider says things are not going well in Starfield land nor are they going well when it comes to Redfall either. One leaker who had accurate info about the new Hi-Fi Rush game just before it was officially announced has suggested that Redfall is in rough shape and that Starfield, the highly anticipated space RPG from Bethesda, is doing even worse. These rumors follow the release date announcement for Redfall which is now scheduled to release in May with Starfield to come some time afterwards.

A ResetEra user who goes by "Horns" shared information about the supposed state of Starfield in a post on the forums where users discussed the joint showcase from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks from earlier in the week. Horns said early on in the ResetEra thread that Tango Gameworks was planning on putting something out that'd be playable on Wednesday after the event, and that turned out to be correct when the game dropped the same day.

After that rumor came to fruition, the user returned with some potentially bad news about Starfield.

"So MS lost tons and tons of money on Azure this fiscal year," Horns said. "They're asking all divisions to blunt the loss. One thing MS has floated for Xbox is releasing Starfield before fiscal year aka June 2023. Redfall is coming first and is in rough shape still, and probably should use more quality control, but it's still in better shape than Starfield. Bethesda wants more time with Starfield and if they get their way Starfield will come in the fall 2023. If MS gets their way it comes out in this fiscal year. If Starfield comes in June expect it to be in rough shape."

While there are plenty who are undoubtedly interested in Redfall and appreciated the release date announcement shared on Wednesday, many were looking for the game to get a release date so that they'd have a better idea of when Starfield would be out. If these leaks are accurate like the Hi-Fi Rush rumor was, Starfield's release date might be iffy even if Bethesda and Xbox do currently have one in mind.

Redfall will be out on May 2nd, but Starfield does not yet have a release date.