Steam Users Can Download The Hardest Game Ever for Free

Steam has new free game and it's apparently very hard.

A new game was released on Steam yesterday, and it's free to download for everyone. And apparently the game is The Hardest Game Ever. It's also this literally as the that is the literal name of the game. In other words, it's free and supposedly very hard, but is it any good? Well, at the moment of publishing, the game only has 22 user reviews, but 90 percent of these reviews are positive, suggesting it may not be bad, at least for a free download. 

"I haven't been able to beat it yet so it truly is very difficult and challenging, but the momentum-based, precision platforming is as satisfying as it is difficult," reads one of these reviews. "For free, there initially seems to be a huge amount of content, and the allure of a monetary prize is the cherry on top! Shame the game is tied to Unity though given the current fee controversy! If you want to play on Steam Deck, it works with Proton Experimental!"

"This game could have tons of speedrun capability, like the name suggests it is also very hard, I believe this game deserves a 10/10 for how it perfectly executes the idea of 'hardest game' perfectly," reads a second user review. 

Of course, not everyone loves the game. If 90 percent of users recommend the game, it means 10 percent of users do not recommend the game. None of these reviews doubt the claim made in the title of the game, as they all acknowledge the game is very hard; however, some are less than impressed with the controls and level design, even for a free game. 

"You know its hard which is the point but its not fun," reads one of these negative reviews. "Tight platforming with clunky controls, Many blind falls and jumps, controls are delayed especially for coyote time jump."

"Pot ventured deep underground to find the most exotic flower he could, but now he's lost and needs to find the way out," reads an official elevator pitch of the game for those interested. "Help Pot find his way through this precision platformer by conquering jumps and puzzles."

As for Steam Deck compatibility, the game's Steam listing makes no mention of the game supporting Steam Deck so it presumably can't be played on the Valve machine. To this end, the game's store listing has the "Steam is learning about this game" banner, suggesting this may be down to a lack of information and not an actually lack of compatibility.