Highly-Rated Steam Game Only $0.89 for a Limited Time

A highly-rated game on Steam is only $0.89 for a limited time. Only a small fraction of games on Steam boast the "Overwhelmingly Positive" User Review rating, as it requires 95 percent of user reviews to be positive. While a "Very Positive" rating is not all that uncommon, you don't see an Overwhelmingly Positive rating every day. The game in question is from developer Peropero and publisher Hasuhasu. A park meets rhythm game, it was released in 2019 and has over 69,000 user reviews, a fairly large number, making the user rating even more impressive. If you haven't connected the dots yet, the game in question is Muse Dash

"Hitting while listening to music. Is that the call from another world? [Game Starts Now-!!] Lovely girls or rhythmic music? If there's a place for you to have them both... It must be the paradise of parkour & rhythm game – Muse Dash," reads a rather peculiar pitch for the game. "Huh?! Not your forte? It doesn't matter! Who says you must have a strong sense of rhythm to win? Avoid is also a valid option (?) As long as you have 100% of passion, courage, and... love for lovely girls~ Rhythm and fight won't be an issue."

"I wasn't really into rhythm games until I played Muse Dash," reads one of the aforementioned user reviews of the game."I bought it when it was $1 just because I wanted to try it, and I've been addicted ever since. Even though I suck at some songs, it's still super fun. There's something about hitting the notes that makes it so satisfying. It's worth the try, go buy it!"

As noted in the first sentence, this is a limited-time offer, like any sale. More specifically, this offer is only available until January 27, which is four days away from the moment of publishing. If you're reading this after January 27, the deal has expired and you will need to pay full price. Luckily, full price is only $3, at least on Steam. On Nintendo Switch the game costs $29.99.