What 'Dungeons & Dragons' Creature Will 'Stranger Things' Name Its New Monster After?

Stranger Things has a new hideous monster, and fans are already wondering what Dungeons & Dragons [...]

Stranger Things has a new hideous monster, and fans are already wondering what Dungeons & Dragons creature it will be named after. The popular Netflix series has traditionally named its monsters after creatures from the popular tabletop RPG game, a tradition that started after Will disappeared shortly after playing D&D with his friends. The first season's villain was the Demogorgon, named after one of the game's infamous Demon Lords, while Season 2's big bad was the Mind Flayer, named for its telepathic powers. This season's monster appears to be a monstrous crawling creature of flesh and limbs with no visible eyes, which makes it probably the most dangerous looking creature yet.

There's a few classic D&D creatures that roughly matches the general description of the new Stranger Things' monster. The otyugh is a classic eyeless creature that appears in the original Monster Manual (the same book that the mind flayer appears in), although it's mostly known as a dung eating monster instead of something that would strike fear into Mike, Eleven, and their friends. Another possibility is the tarrasque, a giant creature that exists only to kill and eat....something that this monster certainly looks capable of. The tarrasque appears in the Monster Manual II, which came out in 1983, but it's definitely an iconic monster that is known for leaving a trail of utter destruction.

Some other possibilities include the drider, a cursed creature that's a mix of drow and spider. Early theories suggest that the new Stranger Things monster is actually a transformed person, so that isn't totally outside the realm of possibility. We could also see it getting named after the gibbering mouther, a hideous creature that's just a mass of screeching mouths and eye balls. There's also the chuul, a lobster-like creature that has a ton of limbs just like the new monster.

Whatever Stranger Things decides to call its monster, we can't wait to see it in action. Let's hope it eats Billy and leaves the rest of our favorite Hawkins' misfits alone.

The third season of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix on July 4th.


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