Twitch Personality Ninja Calls Out Sony for Being Greedy

The topic of crossplay between platforms has been a hot topic in recent years. The attitude [...]

The topic of crossplay between platforms has been a hot topic in recent years. The attitude towards the ability to have all players get in-game with each other, regardless of platform of choice, has done a remarkable 180 recently. With Valve, Nintendo, and Microsoft all on board, the only hold up now is Sony.

The company has said in the past that they don't see the need for cross-platform play at this time and though their main appeal comes from their stunning single-player narratives, many gamers that enjoy their online library are begging the company to change their mind. Even other big names in the industry have been putting on the pressure including Fortnite's Epic Games and the team behind Rocket League. Now the latest voice to add to that fire is record-breaking streamer Ninja, the first to ever hit over a million followers on the streaming service. To say he's not happy is an understatement.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins recently stat down in an interview with Polygon to talk about Sony and their "greed." "I mean, like, obviously I love Sony, I love PlayStation," began the Streamer. "I've been playing them my entire life. [...] But, when push comes to shove, it's a business decision. There's a reason they're not allowing players on the PlayStation to play with Xbox. And I mean — it's just greed."

What really set the outcry against Sony off was, funny enough, the game that skyrocketed Ninja into fame: Fortnite. Though the online game is cross-platform with PC and mobile devices, Xbox One players can also play with Switch, whereas Sony doesn't want PS4 players to be able to play with other consoles in the interest of brand containment.

"In my opinion, I think [Sony] can make a huge statement in gaming by allowing cross-platform across the board," he continued. "They really can. They can change the game entirely."

Nintendo has been making big moves in recent months by adding even more stunning games to their library (come on, Warfame is coming - that's amazing!) and making their platform more accessible than ever before. The pressure is definitely on and the self-imposed "island" that the PlayStation camp has found itself on continues to be flooded by the waters of the industry.

Would you want to see Sony relinquish their hold and join the cross-platform play fun? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!